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What happens next in the Movsisyan story?

There's a number of ways this story could end, here's the headlines on them.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake have once again found themselves in unusual territory today by being the subject of another transfer rumour. For a club that often spends windows laying low, RSL has been at the forefront of the news over the last few weeks which is likely a positive for the fans. With the Joao Plata to Liga MX rumours now seeming like ancient history our next potential leaver has been tipped in out of sorts striker Yura Movsisyan apparently looking for a move to LA Galaxy.

We have plenty of coverage here and will continue to report back on all the news as we get it but there's room for speculation here too. Whether he stays or goes, the ultimate end of this story will have a long lasting effect on the RSL season. While we've broken down the variables and covered the latest news for you, here's a little insight into where this could go:

Yura goes, We sign somebody new

This is probably the most popular option perhaps with the office as well as the fans. The issues between Mike Petke and the 29 year old Armenian are slowly coming to a head and the unhappiness on the training ground is infectious, especially with a player who is no doubt well liked by his team mates. Yura moves to LA Galaxy (or one of the other clubs apparently interested) and opens up a big spot on the field and in the back balance with Real Salt Lake dive on to sign a new striker more suited to the playing style of the team. We've heard nothing about who could be coming to provide a healthy injection of goals but with the space left by Yura Movsisyan it could be a name equally as big.

Yura goes, We replace from within

Just as before, Yura leaves a hole in the team and in funds but with no targets available the club don't snatch at just anybody to make the fans happy. While there will be a vocal criticism of the clubs running (which isn't anything news to be fair) it would be much louder on the back of such a painful loss to the squad. Luis Silva would take up the role as point man in the attack with Plata and Jefferson Savarino backing him up. Lennon, Velazco and even Savarino himself may take that point role in hopes we find the right person to get us goals while we scout for a striker to build around.

Yura stays, Yet remains unhappy

With so many variables at play in such a big deal it's possible this deal, if true, could fall through. Maybe LA get cold feet, maybe Yura does, maybe Real Salt Lake pulls the plug. Should Yura stay the issues we have off the field will stay the same. Yura will remain unhappy and continue to dedicate any goal celebrations he may get to do to Mike Petke while the two struggle to see eye to eye. Petke, to his credit, is able to work with players he disagrees with but it's not a position anybody will be happy with. The tension continues to affect the players on the field and the season comes to a miserable ending. Sad Face Emoji.

Yura stays, Works out issues

Probably the most unlikely of the four here but the trade falls apart as before which leaves Mike and Yura no choice but to work out their issues, presumably on a spa weekend at Boca Raton. Yura finds his form and works out how to play Petke ball and while the season ends without a playoff place, the work for next season is made easier by keeping a player who's ready to score lots of goals.

Did we miss anything? Do you have a preference? Do you own a spa in Boca Raton and can sort us out with two weekend passes for the boys? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.