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RSL SHOW (53) - Silly Season part 1

Silva has arrived, we talk about the one that got away, and SO MUCH YURA TALK.

We had two wonderful episodes for you all and one of them has died and gone to hell (probably where it belongs). This will have to suffice.

Seemingly out of nowhere the transfer season has begun! We've been talking about rumors for a while and one of them has actually happened. We talk about the Silva signing and finally disclose the other rumor we've been teasing for a while -- the one that got away. We also talk about the crazy developments of this week and the other rumors that Jake has heard recently.

The Yura rumor that popped up yesterday is the bulk of the discussion, and we'll probably revisit it again soon. It would be a huge move but there are a lot of moving pieces for this one. Will RSL eat some of his salary? Will he be willing to take a pay cut? What would RSL get in return?

There have also been some *read, very few* questions about whether or not we should be out on Yura at this point. He's still the leading goal scorer and all that... Of course we go into it. That's what we do!