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RSL vs. D.C. United: What we learned

They couldn’t flush us away.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at D.C. United Amber Searls-USA TODAY Sports

A clean sheet and a win. We haven’t done that since June 17th against Minnesota. This was a weird one because of that crazy weather, but it’s nice to know we can win against the worst team in the league. Because, you know, we didn’t in that US Open Cup final in 2013. Our final trip to RFK? Yep, we won that. On a lovely volley by a former DC United player. Thanks, Silva!

We looked a bit shaky and DC held their own until around the 60th minute. From then on out we dominated that match. There were some ugly giveaways, but Rimando kept us firmly in the game. This team showed some real heart through that second half. Over the past weeks, we drew some games we should have won. DC went toe-to-toe with us and, at first, we looked rather evenly matched. DC added some serious pieces this offseason and I wondered, just for a moment, if they had it in them (full disclosure: I’m a huge Paul Arriola fan and I thought he would make an awesome addition to RSL over the past couple years; he was always my first acquisition when playing FIFA). I expect them to make a return to prominence in the Eastern Conference. It felt great to win, though.

So, um, Yura looked pretty good when he subbed on today. He fought hard. I enjoyed watching him play. I don’t expect to see him in an RSL kit next year, but at least he hasn’t entirely checked out.

Kyle and Sunny are working incredibly together. It’s a base that is allowing us to play the game our way. I don’t think we did that through the first 60’, but Kyle and Sunny kept DC from really pummeling us in attack. This, in turn, made it possible for RSL to come back, score a goal, and dominate the end of the match.


Impressed by RSL finally winning at RFK, Eddie Johnson realizes that he’s the exact “grown ass man” that RSL needs and comes out of medical retirement after undergoing a radical surgery to replace his heart with that of a tiger. RSL is able to then score tons of goals by having a strong target forward to bounce our crosses off. Seriously, though, we need someone who plays just like EJ, especially when he was at Seattle and had the kind of service our guys can provide.

Inspired by recent events, RFK becomes the go-to swimming spot on the east coast. It rivals Portland’s “Tears of the Timbers” pool.

Yura scores another goal before season’s end.