Really, Really, Really Bad Yura News

According to Sam Stejskal, Yura Movsisyan and Real Salt Lake face big decision in the off season.

For some time now, the discussion on the Box has been about getting rid of Yura. Many of us referenced this report by that said Yura signed a contract through the 2017 season.

Now it appears that prior report was not correct. In yesterday's article, Stejktal said the following,

"Salt Lake then signed him to a permanent deal through 2019 that pays him slightly less than $2 million per year on average."

Now that is not all that he said in the article. It gets worse.

"RSL will likely have a hard time trading Movsisyan once the window re-opens this winter. It’s doubtful that any team will want to take on his large contract for the next two years. Complicating matters further is the fact that Movsisyan has a no-trade clause. Even if RSL manages to make a deal, he could veto it for any reason."

And here is the decision RSL will have to make.

"RSL could attempt to buy out his contract. League rules state that each club is allowed to buy out one player who has a guaranteed contract during the offseason and free up the corresponding budget space at their own expense."

Does anyone know how a "buy out" affects the team salary structure going forward, in addition to what is mentioned above?

What are your thoughts on all of this? Who is responsible?

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