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Five best moments from RSL’s 4-0 win over San Jose

Real Salt Lake made their playoff push perfectly clear in the win.

MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

5. Danilo Acosta returns to the lineup

In his post-match press conference, RSL coach Mike Petke talked about how left back Danilo Acosta brought pace and youthful exuberance to the match — but I’d reckon it’s his vision and ability to just cut out play that makes a bigger difference for the club. He could be a great player for us some day and not merely a very good one.

4. Nick Rimando’s 100th shutout for RSL in MLS regular season action ... in his 300th game for us

How perfect is Nick Rimando in his beautiful goal-saving ways? I don’t have words for how big of an influence he’s been on our club. Let’s let RSL original Andy Williams (and head scout!) take it away:

3. Rusnak’s bouncing finish

How often do you see a shot so perfectly crafted from a running player to beat the keeper with such panache? This might be the hardest finish of the lot, and we scored some brilliant goals.

2. Rusnak’s pass to Luis Silva (also, the goal)

Seriously. That was a beauty from Albert Rusnak, finding Luis Silva from well inside the RSL half. It was well-weighted, well-placed, and it anticipated Silva’s run perfectly. It was excellent enough that Silva needed to take just one solitary touch in the box before firing that shot. How perfect can you get it?

1. Savarino’s beauty of a shot

Just watch this goal. That finish — immense. And if you see Andrés Imperiale down looking like he might have suffered a head injury, don’t you worry a bit about that. Replays showed Imperiale threw his hands up to stop the ball (perhaps from hitting his face), then he tried to play it off like he hadn’t just committed a handball in the box.

Honorable mentions

  • In the 45th minute, Luis Silva kept the ball in play expertly with a reaching leg around a San Jose defender. I loved seeing that.
  • Anibal Godoy was sent off for his second yellow card (after catching Albert Rusnak in the face, which he actually did), which was, well, whatever. OK. But my favorite part was Godoy motioning for a video replay, which was great for two reasons. First, motioning for video replay is a cautionable offense, so he would have found himself sent off even if the referee somehow changed his mind. Second, you can’t use video replay to overturn a yellow. MLS has been so, so clear about this. It’s hilarious. Heat of the moment, I guess.
  • In the 87th minute, Yura Movsisyan had a perfect touch to feed Brooks Lennon in on goal — it didn’t end with one, but it was a brilliantly taken touch.

Dishonorable mentions

  • RSL hit the post three times — three! Amazing. Brooks Lennon, Albert Rusnak, and Luke Mulholland all accomplished the feat.