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RSL signs Nick Besler, Real Monarchs midfielder and captain

Besler is the fourth player to make the jump from Monarchs to RSL.

Nick Besler with Real Monarchs John Engels

Real Salt Lake is continuing its trend of a nearly annual signing from Real Monarchs, and this time, it’s Monarchs captain Nick Besler making the jump.

In a press release, RSL general manager Craig Waibel said Besler deserves the opportunity.

"We're really proud as an organization when we have players that deserve the opportunities. Being the captain and how he has performed consistently throughout the season, it makes a lot of sense,” he said. "It was the right time to reward him and from an organizational standpoint it's a continuation of what we set out to do, which was to bring guys into the first team when they are ready. There are certainly more players that deserve a look."

Besler, 23, was drafted into MLS by Portland Timbers with the fifth-overall pick in 2015, where he stayed for two years before joining Real Monarchs.

In the release, Besler said making the jump was a goal.

"I'm very excited. It was a goal when I signed with the Monarchs to make it to the first team," Besler said. "I knew I had to consistently perform with that goal in mind of making it to the first team, it provided me extra motivation to keep improving."

This move should fit nicely into RSL’s roster, with the departure of Aaron Maund providing an opening for the midfielder.