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RSL vs Colorado: What we learned

The Rocky Mountain Cup is ours for the filling.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

How about that? We dominated that match early and continued throughout, though Colorado did have some decent counterattacking chances. Things looked dim for a bit, but it all evened out. And we hold the Rocky Mountain Cup in just two matches. Now we’re another three points closer to salvaging a season that began on a plunging roller coaster. Our goal differential has collapsed to a single negative digit. That multiple-goal feeling puts a giant grin on my face.

Rusnak is on another level. The passing and vision that he brings to RSL is incredible. He has to be in contention for MLS Newcomer of the Year. If he doesn’t even make the list, he’s being drastically shortchanged. He’s at eleven assists and six goals. That should move him from 7th in MLS to 4th, depending on how all of the statistics fall after this weekend. RSL could not be doing what we’re doing without him.

Glad had a night. It was maybe one of the best performances we’ve seen from him. Too bad Howard was in the way of that header. The vision and timing that Glad showed was nothing less than stellar.

Silva is on a tear. I’m loving what he’s doing on the pitch. And he’s scoring goals. It’s lovely. Keep it up!

Acosta deserved his red card. I’m fine with it. It was a terrible challenge and a poor decision. Learn from it and move on.

Let’s keep this momentum. A Vancouver loss tonight would have been really nice. Thanks, Kreis. This one’s one you. The least you could have done was kept them to a draw. At least Columbus beat Dallas. Now we have to, ewww, pull for LA against San Jose tomorrow. We’re in a rough spot counting on other teams, but all RSL can do is keep earning points.


Someone send Alan Gordon a bouquet of peonies or something. Maybe one of those Vermont Teddy Bears. I think this is a picture of Alan Gordon, right? Sure looks like him.

Marlon Hairston should cut his hair and stop being a walking (flopping?) pun.

Jorge Gonzales forgets where his TV is at home and ends up watching hours of refrigerator. He thinks the chill means that Winter is Coming.