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Three things to do better after a choppy win against Colorado

No matter what, there’s nothing more satisfying than beating your rivals...

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes you have to take a step back and understand just how much progress this team has made in 8 months. We’ve scored 8 goals in two game, conceded just one and put 6 points out of 6 on the board. Over our first games of the season we conceded 8 goals, scored one and managed 2 points out of 15.

The last two games have been the start of a play off push that’s taken us one point away from that magic line with 6 games left to play. If we are going to walk away with enough points to put us over the red line then we need to make sure that we continue doing exactly what we’ve been doing for the last few weeks. Well, apart from...

Getting sent off

Acosta will learn from this and come back better, let’s be clear on that. It takes a special player to never get cautioned or sent off in this game. There’s plenty of opinion already on whether it was a red or not but what you can say for certain is Acosta was late and he went through the player, both of which are foul play. Both Sunny and Beckerman are on 8 yellow cards for the season and Kyle has picked up two reds now. We need all our key players on the field and Acosta has become one of those players. Aggression is key to how we play but if we take it too far, we end up paying the price.

Goals called back

Alright, this one is unfair and Luis Silva produced the best finish he will ever manage on the goal called back but we could do without these instances. We’re a free scoring team but one who has only just for a new found confidence in their ability to score at will. It would be bad for the team if we had more instances of goals disallowed over the last 6 game as it could play havoc with the minds our young players.

Plus, I didn’t really see from any of the angles we got anything that showed Silva was offside? He looked to be in line with the defensive line so I’m not sure I agree with that call.

Getting ahead of ourselves

Honestly, it’s been hard to write this piece for the last fortnight because we’ve been that good. We’ve dominated games on every statistic. This game was actually one of the very few where we haven’t bossed the opposition around and it’s understandable since we were a man down in a very choppy rivalry game. We’ve got Seattle, SKC and LA still to come and while anybody can beat anybody at this point (especially with how poor LA are looking) we still need to be at our absolute best to complete this miracle.

It’s very easy to believe in RSL right now and in this core group of players that have come together to put a great run together. To be honest, even if we don’t make it to the play-offs, this team should still be proud of what it did. We were facing being a bottom basement team had things continued and now we’re on the cusp of something great after crafting a story that could be taken right out of a direct to DVD sequal of The Mighty Ducks, which makes Mike Petke ‘Gordon Bombay’. Hopefully this leads to Justen Glad and David Horst being rechristened as the new Bash Brothers!