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RSL vs Houston: What we learned

Gamesmanship made that one putter out, but we got a shutout at least.

MLS: Houston Dynamo at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

This match left me really angry. Were I a Dynamo fan (and, let’s be honest, I would never be a fan of anything Texas), I would be elated, but the time wasting gamesmanship absolutely ruined that match for me. Combine that with our missed chances and we had a great match that ultimately left a bad taste in my mouth.

Our attack looked great. Our possession was beautiful. We controlled that match in every way except the only one that truly matters. Goals. We’re creating chances, we’re pushing opponents, this team is clicking in ways we haven’t seen in years. But twenty-one shots and zero on target is depressing. Tyler Deric didn’t even have to work for his shutout. So, as Deric’s birthday is this month, happy birthday Tyler. Happy birthday.

This team is going in the right direction, but we cannot expect other teams to gift us a win. Alex tried really hard to help us out, but we’re back to that F word I’ve been touting all season. Our finishing must improve. There’s maybe a piece that we’re missing. I really like Silva’s play, but he’s in a field position that should bring goals. He’s producing plays. There’s positive chances. But there’s no crushing tally of goals. It hurts. Where are Yura’s twenty goals? If he can’t produce them, let’s find someone who can.

Our playoff chances have taken a huge hit with these dropped points. We’re going to need to win. Put in some amazing road performances. Rip the points from other teams. I don’t think we’re going to make it, and I’m okay with that. I think. Maybe. If I say it enough it might feel true. At least win in DC.


Houston cannot stop wasting time. They waste so much time that they miss their next away flight and are forced to forfeit.

PRO referees feel a little better collectively because Robert Sibiga gifted RSL with a red card to Alex. The off-sided officiating continues as they all feel vindicated.