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RSL SHOW (59) - RSL v HOU game review

The post game, game review!

Dan Cross joined us while he was here on vacation from Reading, England. There will be another cast soon where we interview him a bit about how he got connected with and became a fan of Real Salt Lake.

News and notes! Transfer talk! STUFF!

We talk about the Houston draw, nil-nil is always fun. RSL are on an unbeaten run and have earned 9 of 15 available points over the past 5 matches. Things feel better, but leaving 6 points on the table over the past 3 matches is a little disconcerting.

We spend a bit of time talking about Yura, as that conversation has reared it's ugly head again thanks to social media and fan forums.

We also talk about the difficulty in breaking down a team with 10 players in the box, as Houston was after the red card. It is not easy, but it something that RSL need to be able to do -- especially as teams come in to Rio Tinto looking to walk away with at least 1 point.