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Royal Roundup - Sept. 13, 2017

RSL rebuild progress, MLS attendance, Kaka vs ORL, Morris gets hamstrung, Lalas calls out USMNT, UCL starts, WC 18 tickets, and more.

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports


  • Gallery of images from the Vancouver vs RSL game. (ProstAmerika)
  • Homegrown talent is key to RSL rebuild. (SL Tribune)


Other US Leagues


  • Is US Soccer’s pyramid falling apart? (FiftyFive.One)
  • In Sunday’s FS1 halftime broadcast, Alexi Lalas called out the entire USMNT. (The Score)
  • After 3 unopposed terms, Sunil Gulati will have a challenger for top US Soccer job. (Washington Post)



  • 3rd division team from Argentina take the field as Gladiators.
  • MLS Instant Reply with Simon Borg.