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RSL vs Seattle: What we learned

Everything’s coming up Milhouse!

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

Everything went RSL’s way today. The only thing that could have been better would have been a loss for Houston, but a draw for them isn’t so bad. We snapped Seattle’s lossless streak. We looked magnificent doing it. Back in June I thought any hope for this season was over. Then the magic began. We stomped the LA Galaxy and Portland in subsequent matches. Now? We’re contenders. In form. Not a bad place to be.

That first half was fun. Both sides played equally, both well and not. It was a decent game from a neutral standpoint. But we’re not neutral. Enough of that. We came back after halftime and took control. Savarino did his thing. Those game-changing third level spells showed up again in another lightning bolt blast to the net.

Seattle pushed high and hard. They didn’t want to be out of this. But they left their defensive third wide open. Plata took off and dropped a stellar ball onto Savarino’s feet and Luke smashed it home. That match was ours from then on.

Justen Glad and Marcelo Silva are becoming quite the duo. Their play tonight was standout. And Nick Rimando? MLS’s best keeper. Hands down. The way he saves us in these matches is second-to-none.

So we’re still alive, still kicking. Dallas is swirling the toilet bowl. San Jose can’t put together any consistency. Houston is still clawing at the dirt. All RSL can do is take the points we can take. The rest of the league might help us out, but we need wins.


Every Luke Mulholland celebration should include a faceplant.

This team seems to play really well in poor weather, so we should only schedule games in poor weather. Someone who can control the weather get on that.

We’re MLS Cup contenders. I really think we are. If we kick our way into the playoffs, we’re a team to be feared.