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RSL SHOW (66) - Seattle Skittles

Danny Acosta talked crap to Clint Dempsey and this is all that really matters after this match.

Wins. These are things we like.

Seattle in town in a must-win match, which they all are at this point. The lineup proved a little different with Luis Silva out with a high hamstring/groin injury sustained against Portland. Brooks getting the start at the 9 brings an entirely different dynamic to the front 4. It worked, though it was very different and Brooks didn't look like Luis or Yura or what you would expect for a 9. Could this be something we see more of in the future?

We talk about the goals scored by Sava and Luke and how Luke has wooed us, won us over, made us feel things we never thought we would feel about his play. Rusnak, though he didn't score in this one his assist was magical and his control of the pace of the match is what drove us to the win. He's been amazing through this run we're on and we can only hope that it continues.