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RSL vs LA Galaxy: What we learned

An explosive end to keep a claw on that ledge.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Los Angeles Galaxy Orlando Ramirez-USA TODAY Sports

Let’s start with overreactions today, shall we?

What is the point of VAR and Video Review if it still leads to terrible calls? I really struggle to see that foul against Marcelo Silva as a foul, let alone a yellow or red card. It looked to me like two guys challenging for the ball, but one quit and threw up his arms to whine about it. And while LA probably should have led 3-0 in the first ten minutes, RSL certainly turned it around in the last ten.

Why would they put a brand new referee into such an important match at the end of the season? This is the time that matches get tough, calls brush past multiple gray areas. You’d think, again, that the VAR might be a solid backup for the guy, but that didn’t seem to work tonight. It hasn’t seemed to work well the past couple of weeks. Time for some conversations, PRO.

A rational take

So, this idiot was wrong. Isn’t that great?

But let’s be clear: we’re absolutely reliant on the other Western Conference teams for any playoff hopes. RSL must do their part, but it’s also necessary that San Jose, Dallas, and Houston drop points and make way for us. Where everything went RSL’s way last week, that wasn’t the case tonight. SJ and Houston took their three points and Dallas earned one.

Had we put in a better start to this season, what would we be looking at right now? In June I was resigned to nothing coming from our 2017. In July RSL shut me up. People have been asking me for weeks if I think RSL will make the playoffs. I’m really not sure that we will, but I’ll be damned if I’m not pulling for it all the way.


First. Nick Rimando. Wow. Let’s just leave that at that—the name says it all.

Second. Kyle Beckerman. How about that from our captain? Masterful.

Last. No matter how the playoffs fall out, this season is one to be proud of. We were the worst team in the Western Conference at one point. Worst team in the league? Possibly. The beginning of this season was one of the most difficult we’ve ever had. But look at this squad now. Three guys on the MLS 24 under 24 list (though, let’s be completely honest, their rankings were garbage; but I’m okay with that because RSL works best when we’re overlooked and undervalued). One of the most dynamic attacks in the league. A squad of explosive youth and strong veterans. 2017 was successful. This is a team to be feared moving forward. The heart that this TEAM has shown, the character, the gumption. I’m excited for now. I’m excited for the future. I love this game; I love this team.