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Who will end up RSL’s leading goalscorer?

Will Silva’s streak continue? Can Movsisyan score off the bench? We’re asking fun questions.

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With only six matches left in the season, it’s become increasingly unclear who will end up as the team’s leading goalscorer.

You have two players in the lead in Joao Plata and Yura Movsisyan, both of whom have scored seven goals. Complicating matters are Albert Rusnak and Luis Silva, who each have six goals. And keeping things interesting at the back is Jefferson Savarino, who has scored four, so he’s hardly out of contention.

Who will it be? Let’s make a case for everyone.

Joao Plata

Here’s my first choice, and I really do think he’s the most likely candidate. Joao Plata has been considerably more goal-dangerous in the last two months than at any other point in the season, with five of his seven coming from July forward.

But here’s the thing — Plata’s not a consistent scorer. It’s not inconceivable that he could go the rest of the season without a goal, and frankly, I don’t think it’s that unlikely. It wouldn’t even be the worst thing, because he can be quite a capable producer, too.

Playing in his favor, though, is that he’s generally RSL’s chosen penalty taker, and that could certainly come into play.

Yura Movsisyan

Well, wouldn’t this be interesting? Movsisyan has very much been on the outside looking in, but when he’s on, he’s really on. He tends to score in bunches, but the biggest problem he faces is that he’s not playing much. If his last goal was anything to go by, though, he could be good for a late one here and there.

Albert Rusnak

RSL’s hot new signing isn’t far off the pack, and he’s shown he can score the odd goal or three when he’s needed. He’s obviously not the most likely candidate, but if he can turn the volume up when things matter most to us, don’t be surprised if he ends up with four more goals by season’s close. It might just be the thing that elevates us. (Really, though. Be surprised. That would be remarkable output.)

Luis Silva

The mere thought of Luis Silva being RSL’s leading goalscorer even six months ago would have prompted some shaking of heads, because it just didn’t seem likely. He scored his first goal for us on July 22. That’s a late start, right?

But look at it this way: Silva has scored five goals in RSL’s last four matches. If he continues at that pace, he’ll easily end as our leading goalscorer. He’s only one off the pace now, and while it’s unlikely he can continue this streak, I really think it was unlikely the streak would ever start. So here’s to Silva — may he ever be scoring goals.

The Dark Horse: Jefferson Savarino

This probably wouldn’t be ideal, because it might mean that other players aren’t really scoring, but four-goal Savarino could end up doubling his output by season’s end. It would be a particularly great run, but I think it’s possible. Likely? No, not at all. That’s what makes this fun.