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RSL SHOW (63) - Lalo to Tigres and VWFC preview

Without a match to talk about this weekend we thought this would be a shorter show, lots of space filling...AND IT TURNED OUT TO BE COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE!


Lalo to Tigres has been floating around and today (Monday) news out of Mexico indicates that he's having a medical today which means that he's signing as long as he passes all the tests. What does this mean for the future of RSL, you ask? Well, we talk about it and go down all sorts of rabbit holes about Nick and what next year might mean if he chooses to leave.

Monarchs clinched a playoff spot! (through a loss...) Think about that for a second.

The academy teams played their first matches in Utah and we are excited! They play again at America First Field on the 16th and we will be there! Come on out!


Lots to talk about with the match Saturday away at VWFC. They’re ahead of us by 3 points right now and have been on a similar run of form. Dangerous on the counter and on set pieces, this match may come down to who we start at left back and center back. Offensively we should keep creating and finishing opportunities but we have to be stout in defense, especially on the counter, or there is a chance we will get burned.

And of course we talk about a bunch of random things....because that’s what we do.