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RSL vs Vancouver: What we learned

Our outside backs tried to salvage this thing. Alas.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Vancouver Whitecaps FC Anne-Marie Sorvin-USA TODAY Sports

This was a rough match. We needed these points and the loss hurts. But we didn’t play poorly. We had a decent run; Vancouver just capitalized on our mistakes and scored more goals than we did. Although our playoff chances slipped a rung, I’m mostly not unhappy with the match. It was fun to watch but for the losing bit. We pushed hard, Petke made the right substitutions (though I’m not at all sold on Yura starting and I’m looking forward to RSL moving him on this off-season), and there was serious fight in the team.

What about our odd couple of goal-scorers? Tony Beltran gets his first goal in MLS play. Wingert the other. I’m proud for both of them, but I’m sure they would trade it in for three points. The three points were all that was necessary. It’s a rough loss.

Vancouver made all the right moves in capitalizing on our mistakes. They played the game their way at home. It’s rough to watch the replays and see where we went wrong on each of the Vancouver goals. It would be nice to watch the ball hit the net and know there was nothing we could have done to prevent them. That wasn’t the case tonight. But again, we didn’t play a terrible match. Vancouver just played better. They earned their three points. We lost them.

Playoffs? Thanks to Toronto and Colorado there’s still a glimmer in this season. Let’s hope studid hurricane Irma doesn’t wreak too much havok. Especially for the impacted residents because their lives are far more important than some game. But also a tiny bit because every RSL fan is an Atlanta fan for two hours tomorrow when we pull for them to put a pounding on a struggling Dallas. My fingers are crossed that soccer is the story tomorrow and not Irma’s devastation.


What happens to stool when there is too little bile?

An ode to the pitch for the one and only elderbieler: On the pitch is where soccer is played. You can pitch pitch on the pitch without pitching pretense. So pitch, pitch away. Be as pitchy as a pitch can pitch.

Was there some other sporting event in Utah tonight?