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Report: Rimando, Beckerman signings anticipated, Movsisyan’s future undecided

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An interview with provided some clarification.

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If you’ve been waiting for Kyle Beckerman and Nick Rimando to re-sign, you probably don’t need to wait more than 10 more days.

That’s according to a report from Sam Stejskal at, where his interview with RSL general manager Craig Waibel was published today.

In the article, Waibel said the deals have taken a long time to sort through, but that both players are expected to be signed before the start of preseason on Jan. 22.

“...(I)t takes a long time to sort through the minutiae of getting a deal done. And without getting into all the details of why that is, I’m extremely optimistic both end well for us.”

In addition to that juicy detail, Waibel offered this tidbit on Yura Movsisyan’s future:

“We’re still working on finding the best solution. The best solution may be that he’s coming back, the best solution may be him going somewhere else,” Waibel said.

So don’t be surprised if he ends up in preseason camp, too. Quite some news at 5pm on a Friday, isn’t it?