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Why you should go to the Real Monarchs 2018 home opener

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You should buy some tickets to the Real Monarchs first home game of 2018. It’d be a good decision.

Zions Bank Stadium in Herriman, Utah
Megan Webb

The Real Monarchs are scheduled to play their first home match of 2018 on March 31st against Portland Timbers 2. You should look into going to it, here’s why.

1. Their brand new stadium

The Real Monarchs are getting a brand new, state of the art facility to get their 2018 started off just right. Since their inaugural season in 2015, the Real Monarchs have played in Rio Tinto Stadium where Real Salt Lake also plays. This is the first time the Monarchs will be playing in their own stadium, in addition that is brand new. Don’t you want to be able to say you saw the first professional soccer game ever played in the new stadium?

Zions Bank Stadium
Megan Webb

2. They’re coming off a great 2017 season

It’s no secret the Monarchs 2017 regular season was something for the record books. It is literally in the record books, thanks to their long standing 9 game win streak. Not only that but in just their third season as a team the Monarchs won the USL Shield for having the leagues best regular season record. Losing in the first round of the playoffs will have lit a fire under this team to do even better this season.

3. The Monarchs roster is looking pretty impressive

The Monarchs have made a good amount of offseason trades and signings to get themselves ready for 2018. Having resigned Sebastian Velasquez to a two year contract extension and many of their 2017 starters returning, there’s no reason to expect this team to have lost any of their firepower.

4. You want to see the first win in Zions Bank Stadium

You know whats cooler than saying you saw the first Monarchs game at Zions Bank Stadium? Saying you saw the first Monarchs win at Zions Bank Stadium. Although there’s obviously no guarantee of what will happen come match day, it seems fair to expect that the Monarchs will do well in their first home outing of the season, in their brand new facility. So when they come available, buy your tickets, witness Monarchs history.

Tickets to this match have not yet gone on sale, but when they do be sure to get them. With their new stadium being just 5,000 seats, they may be harder to get than you’d anticipate.