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Jesus Dueñas to RSL rumors heating up

The hottest rumor of the offseason looks even closer to reality.

Mexico v Honduras: Quarterfinal - 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

So, about that Jesus Dueñas rumor reported (and we reported on their reporting of) last week?

Yeah, it’s sounding more and more like it’s going to happen.

On Sunday, Eric Gomez, a writer for ESPN, dropped a bit of knowledge about the rumor. Gomez is easily one of the most reliable sources on Liga MX writing in English — you might remember him coming up several times surrounding RSL rumors in the past. He’s been a gold mine of good info.

So, when Eric Gomez says that Real Salt Lake is looking at Jesus Dueñas, that only bolsters the claim made by Sam Stejskal earlier — another reliable source if there was one.

Right now, we don’t have anything incredibly concrete to go on, but knowing that Dueñas is listening speaks volumes about what could happen here.

Signing Dueñas would represent an incredible signing, and not just because he’s a good player. No, it’s that Dueñas has been a mainstay for his club, Tigres — the same Tigres that’s been the top team in Liga MX in the last five years, almost without exception. This is, I think, a statement about where Real Salt Lake is as a club, that we’re able to attract the attention of a player like this. It’s certainly new territory for the club.

We’ll be anxiously awaiting more on this — and I’m sure you’re here with us, too.