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Official: Kyle Beckerman re-signs with Real Salt Lake

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MLS: San Jose Earthquakes at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

After a short period of uncertainty and a long period of waiting, the news we’ve been waiting for on Real Salt Lake’s captain is finally official: Kyle Beckerman has officially signed a new contract at the club, according to a press release today.

Beckerman’s re-signing means the captain will be in place for an 11th season running. While there has been some hemming and hawing about his age, given he’s 35 and certainly in the last few years of his career, his 10th season was a reasonably solid one.

In a club-issued press release, Beckerman called Salt Lake “home,” saying he’s excited to continue with what Mike Petke started to build in the latter half of 2017.

“This is home. It’s where we wanted to be,” Beckerman said about his decision to re-sign. “What we built in the second half of the season was so exciting to be a part of. To be able to be here for a couple more years and build with these young guys – they are going to be another year older and a little bit more experienced – there is a lot of upside for this team. To be here and be a part of it is exciting.”

Mike Petke, in that same release, cited Beckerman’s leadership as an essential part of the team.

“I cannot imagine an RSL team next year without Kyle here. Without Kyle with the armband on. Without Kyle leading the charge,” Real Salt Lake Head Coach Mike Petke said. “I think that he is iconic here in Salt Lake, and that he is one of the best players in the history of this league. And I think he deserves and will earn anything that he gets. There will be a statue here of Kyle one day. It’s a no-brainer that Kyle is back; we couldn’t do this without him.”

RSL general manager Craig Waibel described Beckerman as a defining influence at the club.

“Kyle is a player that leads by example and is vocal. He does his job and inspires people around him with his performance,” RSL General Manager Craig Waibel said. “Along with a few other guys, he has defined our organization for quite some time. He also defines and embodies the movement of where we are going. He has embraced this evolution and he’s excited about the moments to come and the moments to share with fans. All that added up makes it a really special thing for us to be able to re-sign him.”