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Utah Royals draft BYU defender Taylor Isom

The Royals draft pick is a Sandy native.

One of the consequences of Utah Royals joining NWSL this year is that Utah-produced prospects will finally have a chance to represent a team from their home state — and that’s incredibly important, given the relative strength Utah has over other states in producing professional soccer players in women’s leagues.

Today’s NWSL draft provided no exception, with the club picking up a BYU graduate with the 14th pick, Taylor Isom, a Sandy native. Isom played with real success at Alta High School from 2008 to 2011, winning three state titles along the way.

In a club-issued press release, Isom said she’s excited for the future of women’s soccer in Utah.

“I have an excitement for being drafted and to be home that I can’t even describe,” Isom said. “It is incredible for me to be a part of a program that wants to do amazing things for soccer and for the women’s game. I love that Laura and Dell Loy Hansen want to put women’s soccer exposure in the state of Utah.”

Royals coach Laura Harvey, from the release:

“Taylor is an athletic, local defender,” Harvey said. “We are happy she can come on board and that she can stay at home.”