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MLS Draft 2018: What to know and how to watch

SOCCER: JAN 14 2016 MLS SuperDraft
RSL general manager Craig Waibel with a former RSL draft pick, Omar Holness.
Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon Sportswire/Corbis via Getty Images

Draft time is always a moderately exciting time for Real Salt Lake fans, and this year promises to be largely the same as ever.

Thankfully, for all the excitement we may or may not see, there’s a stream! You’ll find it embedded below.

RSL’s picks

  • First round, no. 10 — our natural first-round pick
  • Second round, no. 33 — again, our natural pick
  • Third round, no. 51 — we got this pick from Minnesota United along with $50,000 in allocation money. It was their natural third-round pick.
  • Third round, no. 56 — you guessed it! Our natural pick.
  • Fourth round, no. 79 — again, our natural pick.

What will we do? Well, there’s plenty to be seen there. But given we bowed out of picks in the third round last year, I wouldn’t be surprised if we do it again. Maybe we’ll find another backup player who can fight for a Monarchs position there. That’s how we landed Connor Sparrow in 2016, so it certainly has happened recently.