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Back in Cobalt? Taking a look at RSL’s new jersey tease

RSL released a tease of the new jerseys for 2018, and there’s finally some cobalt.

Is it finally happening again? Are we finally going to be getting back the cobalt in our kits? It appears that way. Real Salt Lake released a tease picture of the 2018 home kits. To be released on Feb. 8, it looks like once again the cobalt is going to be making it’s return to our kits.

Fans are hoping this jersey is reminiscent of the jerseys from 2009 where we had the cobalt sleeves and cobalt shorts. This is certainly looking like a possibility. They may also be something more like the jerseys from 2013 where we had just the cobalt sleeve, but red shorts. Nevertheless, the cobalt is making a return for 2018 and we’re going to do some speculation as to what the jersey may look like.

Soccer - MLS Cup - Sounders FC vs. Galaxy
RSL’s 2009 jerseys
Photo by Andy Mead/YCJ/Icon SMI/Icon Sport Media via Getty Images

It appears as though the photo teased today is of a sleeve on the kit, assuming MLS keeps their logo on the sleeve like they have in the past seasons. This is why most fans are assuming this kit will be like something we’ve had in the past with a claret front but cobalt sleeves. This design is one many fans have loved and wished would return.

Though it’s tough to assume what the front of the kit will look like, judging by how much fans have begged for a cobalt kit, we might be getting something similar to the fan-favorite jersey from 2009. The amount of cobalt that will be on these kits is anyone’s best guess but a lot of RSL fans will be a little happier knowing we’ll get at least some of the cobalt back in the Claret and Cobalt.