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The RSL Show (86) - Martín Vasquez and some academy stuff

Martín Vasquez joined us for a few minutes to talk about the academy, player development, and what brought him to RSL.

We were able to make it out to the academy matches this weekend -- barely making it before the lock-down was in full effect. It was something we’d been looking forward to for a very long time. The facility is amazing and we can’t wait to spend more time out there.

After the u17 and u19 matches we were able to steal a couple minutes of Martín Vasquez’s time to talk about the new academy and the things that he’s doing there. One of the big questions that we wanted to ask was, why RSL? What about the club and the academy brought a coach of his stature here? His answer did not disappoint. It’s a short interview but he says so much in his responses.

We spend some time talking about his answers and also talking about the games themselves. As always, we get off track and talk about a lot of stuff that happened this week. Josh forgot Shawn Barry’s name for a bit and we just let him deal with it. Awkward is fun some times.