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RSL drops new kits on Twitter

Yeah, they’re here. What do you think?

Real Salt Lake

Thursday night: Not exactly the night you thought that Real Salt Lake’s new kits would be released. Nevertheless, here we are, and here are the kits.

First, let me just say: Wow. I’m a bit surprised, because these look simple, clean and uncomplicated — and — AND! — they have those nice cobalt sleeves again. (Er, blue. Whatever shade of blue you think they are, I like them. So, yeah.)

And the keeper kit! Oh, the keeper kit! Look! It’s not just a single color! This is interesting, though — there’s a surprising amount of red in that keeper kit. Is it too much to be worn on matchday when we’re in our home kits? Is the red actually red? I feel like I don’t know what I know.

Also, this is our first real glamour look at Kyle Beckerman, sans-dreadlocks. Looking sharp, captain.

We’ll have more on these kits when we get the chance. Until then ... drool with me, yeah?