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RSL SHOW (87) - Camp Is Open

It is finally here! Camp has opened, the boys have reported, and soccer is being played. There’s so much to talk about. Yura and Sunny hadn’t reported to camp at the time of recording, but sounds like Sunny has been in camp for the past couple of days getting some fitness in. We still mean what we said about that. The Yura saga continues, though, and we’ve no idea what’s going on. Chad Barrett and Jordan Allen were training on the side — still working on their fitness. We talk a bit about what that all could mean and where those two players might slip into the lineup if they get fit/if Chad gets signed. We talk about Mike’s comments from the first week of training, which are all seemingly very good.

There’s also some talk about league news and all the other hold outs/contract dramas that are going on around MLS.