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RSL SHOW (83) - All of the things happened

We take a week off and ALL OF THE THINGS GET ANNOUNCED. This one is pretty long.

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News and notes -

Schedule is out! There’s a lot to talk about, as always, when the schedule comes out. Which games are we looking forward to? Which games scare us? This year it seems like we have a “favorable” schedule -- but don’t we say that every year?

League round-up -

Benny to LAFC - man do we hate LAFC now. Mostly because of Benny. Okay, almost entirely because of Benny.

Sacha to OCFC - This one surprised us, mostly because of how the NYRB fans are reacting to it.

Arda Turan to Chicago? - IF this happens, watch out.

Nagbe to ATL - We’re still meh about it.

NYCFC gets Medina - This one stands out as another team going the young designated attacking player route. More teams jumping on the bandwagon.

RSL stuff - There was so much to talk about this week so here are the bullet points.


Alfredo Ortuno

Corey Baird

Jorquera back in the mix

Not a herniated disk, thanks a lot Turkey.



Konrad Plewa

Royals signings


Gunny - Awesome.