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Beckerman’s back from offseason and in training, Petke says

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The captain’s back, just not officially — yet.

Real Salt Lake v Los Angeles Galaxy Photo by Shaun Clark/Getty Images

We’ve all been wondering about the status of Kyle Beckerman, and if you say you haven’t been curious, I’ll probably not believe you.

After all, he’s the captain and the heart of the club, and we’d be totally justified in scratching our heads slightly as we figure out whether or not he’s returning. Sure, we are all pretty sure he’s coming back, but it’s different to assume something’s the case, and it’s an entirely different thing to know something is the case.

Anyway, enough messing about on this one. The thing to know is that today, in a press conference, RSL coach Mike Petke revealed one tasty glass of information for us to drink up: Kyle Beckerman started training again today. In Herriman, at the club’s new facilities.

That’s just about enough for us to be pretty sure that Beckerman will be returning to Real Salt Lake in 2018. It’s enough for us to know that they’re not on bad terms. And really, we are about as close to knowing something is the case without having confirmation.

So if you’re worried about Kyle Beckerman not returning to Real Salt Lake, fear not: We know more today than we did yesterday. We’ll just have to wait patiently for the other good-news-shoe to drop.