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Utah Royals FC Show (37) : Skyler Warrick and Roscoe Myrick

The magic behind the lens.

Roscoe Myrick and Skyler Warrick, the magicians behind the lens for the Utah Royals
Robert Hitz

Photographers and videographers are overrated. So I thought. Perhaps it was because in high school every popular person immersed themselves in taking pictures of street lamps while I did my Advanced Placement homework in the library. Photographers and the folks who do that kind of stuff are cool. I learned this year that there’s a lot more to it than snapping a button.

It’s been our pleasure to have perhaps the most dynamic duo ever on the show this week. They are much more than the people who do the cool promo videos for the club and capture super awesome candid pictures of us in the stands. What a blast this one is. Thanks, Roscoe and Skyler.

We talk about life before photography, coming to Utah, freelance work, the value of practicing your craft, and how misunderstood the challenges of digital/recording work is.

We promise that you’re going to leave listening to this podcast a lot wiser than you were before. Also in a better mood because Skyler and Roscoe are funny.