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RSL vs Portland: What we learned

Once again, it’s no longer in our hands.

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Portland Timbers Troy Wayrynen-USA TODAY Sports

Not a lot to say here. We weren’t good enough. Portland played better.

After all of the talk of “tough lineup decisions” after the win against New England, we put out the exact lineup that we all expected. It didn’t work.

Glad had a poor game. His first fifteen minutes were particularly bad. Silva and Onuoha might have been a better call. Of course, I have all of the advantage of hindsight and was nowhere near training this week. Still, I think the pressure got to him.

Portland proved they’re the better team than RSL this season.

♪So here we are again to experience the bitter, scalding end, and we’re the only ones who can perceive it ♪

The fate of our season rests on others. Again. And it sucks. I’m pessimistic.

Does anyone really think Houston can beat the Galaxy in LA?


Had Vancouver pulled off a playoff berth, I was fully willing to swear off any other soccer team, move to Vancouver, and become a die-hard. Too bad they couldn’t get the two wins and 15+ goals they needed to make the playoffs. I guess.

Still might happen for us. Maybe? Everyone wear orange this week. Eugh.

If this ends up being RSL’s final outing in 2018, which feels likely, we’d better have a damn fine plan going into 2019. No crap starts. I want to see solid, consistent, and dangerous right out of the gate. Turn around any loss, any draw (like, maybe, either of the draws against San Jose the, uhh, worst damn team in the league) and we’re locked into the playoffs right now. No out-of-our-hands stress. No Zlatan as LA’s savior.