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Utah Royals FC Show (38) : W-League and Lucas Muller

Lucas Muller



Did you miss us?

I missed us.

We do accents in this one, and that’s all you need to know.

Do I write like Matt now?

I like it...

Some things happened! The United States has qualified for the World Cup! So did Canada. While not surprising, we’re still stoked about it, plus it provides some interesting nuances come next season. Also, the W-League has started up and seven Royals from last season are in action. We talk about what the W-League is all about, and why you should support it, We recap some of the action, particularly that of Utah Royals FC players and how they did. Additionally, fellow writer, photographer, and all around awesome dude Lucas Muller joins the show.

Utah Royals FC Players on Loan

  • Lo’eau Labonta - Western Sydney Wanderers
  • Sydney Miramontez - Western Sydney Wanderers
  • Rachel Corsie - Canberra United
  • Gunny - Adelaide United
  • Katie Stengel - Newcastle Jets
  • Samantha Johnson - Melbourne Victory
  • Katrina ‘Mini’ Gorry - Brisbane Roar

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