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RSL vs Portland: What we learned

Another loud raspberry of a game

MLS: Portland Timbers at Real Salt Lake Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

Part of me wants to show off my prowess with vulgarities here. Three hundred words of a raving lunatic.

The truth is we got outplayed and out-coached. At least SKC kept LA Galaxy to a draw. Eugh. Why couldn’t they just both have lost?

Here we go again

Remember last year when our playoff hopes rested on what other teams did more than how RSL performed? Well, it’s looking a lot like last year.

There are two remaining. New England and, um, Portland. Again. We’ll be missing Beckerman and Sunny against New England, so get excited to see Nedum Onouha at center back and Besler in midfield, because that’s my prediction for the next one.

Beckerman probably should have (and still might, if the MLS Disciplinary Committee takes a look) had a red card right before Savarino’s goal. Rimando probably should have (and still might, if the MLS Disciplinary Committee takes a look) for his studs-up challenge on Valeri there near the end. Things could get extra sticky.

Outplayed and Out-coached

Portland deserved this win. I hate to write that, but it’s true. They took control of the match early and responded with gusto. Our substitutions fell flat. Once Baird came out, Portland turned on the jets and stormed all over us. Their game plan was superior and they earned that win.

Let’s hope we can learn from tonight’s drubbing and pay them back in Portland. Another stressful season’s end.


I know we kind of did it to ourselves with Borchers, but I had antenna issues tonight and was forced to listen to the Timbers commentary. Every time he talks, I feel like Borchers is a traitor. It makes me scowly.

Why did we have to let Melano score? I can’t stand that guy. Send him back on loan, Portland. Or trade him. Because I said so, that’s why. Yeah. I don’t like him, so send him away again. What? That’s not how it works? Well, it should.

Stress levels are high. Big midterm elections coming up. Weird political garbage spewing everywhere all the time. And now RSL is giving me an ulcer. I need to spend a week camping. And some s’mores ice cream. I’ll start there.