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Utah Royals FC Show (39): The long lost audio file of the Abby Smith Interview

Finally, after months of its disappearance, the Abby Smith interview audio file has been found.

It’s the long lost file…

You see what happened was that I interviewed Abby Smith back in June, but then my dog ate the audio file. Thankfully, it was found and repaired, and so now we can move forth to release it on the latest Utah Royals FC Show.

If you did not believe that story? Props to you for not falling for my ridiculous excuse. The truth schedule was busier than I expected it this summer, and I just never had the opportunity to write the article I wanted which then would have led to releasing the interview via the Royals FC Show. This is, perhaps, my greatest failure of my soccer writing career.

But, I believe, it is time to release the audio, even if I did not get around to write the article I wanted.

In this one, we chat about how Smith started playing soccer, becoming a goalkeeper, coming to the NWSL, going to Boston, overcoming a knee injury (ruptured patella tendon), the Boston Breakers folding, being drafted by Utah in the Dispersal Draft, and playing with Nicole Barnhart and a solid defense. We also go through questions from the fans, including how much celebrating with the fans and meeting them is important to her.

Smith was super kind and gracious, and I appreciated her time. I hope you enjoy listening to the interview.

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