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Germán Cano: RSL reportedly sent Olave, others to Colombia to court Colombian record-breaker

The rumors are heating up.

Independiente v Junior - Torneo Clausura Liga Aguila 2018 Photo by Gabriel Aponte/Getty Images

I’m going to reuse a joke, and you’re not going to love it, but I’m doing it anyway.

The rumor wheel in the sky keeps on turning, and riding on that wheel are German Cano and his agent.

And maybe that wheel’s rolling to Salt Lake City. That’s how wheels work, right?

But seriously. This tweet indicates that Cano is being courted by Real Salt Lake, and that we’ve sent representatives to Medellín to seal the deal. Now, it’s not specifying who that is — except apparently Jamison Olave, which I love — but this tweet does seem to have legs outside of this tweet. Or wheels. Maybe wheels.

Of course, alongside that, any number of news-stealing Twitter accounts have reposted the news without attribution, so, you know, avoid those.

Cano has been in the news recently for scoring 20 goals in their half-season ‘Finalización’, which I know very little about and will have to do some reading to catch up on. (...on which to catch up? Uh-oh.) That’s a new record in that half-season structure, so if you’re worried about Cano’s goalscoring ability, maybe don’t worry too much.

Alright, so that’s what we’ve got. We’ll keep our ears and eyes open for more on this, because it’s really starting to heat up.