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2018 Dossier: Nick Rimando

The RSL veteran continues his reign as first-choice goalkeeper in 2018.

United States V Costa Rica Photo by Tim Clayton/Corbis via Getty Images

For more than a decade, Nick Rimando has been Real Salt Lake’s starting goalkeeper, and there has never been any true competition for his position during that time.

What to know

Rimando signed with Real Salt Lake in 2007, and the last two years have seen scattered rumors about potential points of departure. Rather than any of those rumors coming to be the case, he re-signed at the club during the offseason.

What to expect in 2018

Competition for Rimando’s spot won’t be changing in 2018, but we should start to see the laying of plans for the end of Rimando’s playing career. He’s probably playing his last contract as a professional, whether that’s one year or two, and we can be happy that he’s chosen to end it here.

Alex Horvath comes in as an experienced goalkeeper behind Rimando, and we have Connor Sparrow further back in the depth chart — though after an excellent year for him at Real Monarchs, expectations will be high.

What to hope for

There’s every reason to expect Rimando to perform like the capable professional he is, but there are several factors he will have to contend with. First, he’s older now than he has been at any other point in his career. That’s because — surprise — he’s not actually ageless. Second, RSL needs to start laying plans for the future, if possible. We have an excellent young prospect on the books, and he needs both guidance and minutes.

Let’s hope for another continuation of vintage performances from Rimando, but let’s also hope he can teach his fellow goalkeepers a thing or two while he’s still here.