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2018 Dossiers: Kyle Beckerman

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Our captain stays in Claret and Cobalt and is ready to go.

MLS: Sporting KC at Real Salt Lake Jeff Swinger-USA TODAY Sports

The big talk of the offseason, was Kyle Beckerman going to resign with RSL, retire, or even move somewhere else

Well, that was quickly overshadowed when he announced he cut off the dreads! Beckerman no longer has his dreadlocks, but he still has his claret and cobalt ready to go for 2018.

What to know

If there is one thing you must know and never forget about Beckerman it is that even though he is a 35-year-old midfielder, he will be solid as a rock. It’s just how Kyle is, he doesn’t like losing anything, he will do everything in his power and put everything on the line to prevent his team from losing.

What to expect in 2018

Assuming there are no major injuries for Beckerman throughout the season, you can expect him to be a pretty consistent starter. For the last decade with RSL, KB5 has missed typically only 5 or so games throughout a season, and often that was to a national team call-up or a minor injury. There are going to be a few more midfielders for him to compete with, but he is our captain and you can expect him to still get his minutes.

What to hope for

What I hope for from Beckerman this season is a few more goals. He works constantly at getting good opportunities for his team, but I hope he rewards himself a little more this year. Goals help a ton for the confidence of the player, and who doesn’t love a BeckerBomb?