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RSL SHOW (90) - Have to show up to camp to take a step forward

A lot has happened since our last show so let’s just dig into it.

Damir Kreilach! We’re pretty excited about this guy and can’t wait to see where he fits into the team this year. It’s been really interesting to see how sad Union Berlin and their fans have been to lose him and we hope that it means that he’ll be a solid piece of Real Salt Lake for some time going forward. Doesn’t hurt to have someone who was co-captain on his last team join the squad, right?

We talked a little about the midweek match - which was kinda meh - in which Ortuño scored and that makes us all very happy. It was a strikers goal and the sequence that led up to it has us wanting to see more from the new number 9.

The Royals signed some people and have signed more since recording the show. We’ll talk about them this coming weekend but man are they making some waves with these signings.

As always, we talk about the Yura saga and go on one million tangents.