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2018 Dossiers: Justen Glad

The sky is the limit: How far will Justen Glad go?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Seattle Sounders FC Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Justen Glad is potentially one of if not the most promising youth player in Major League Soccer right now. At just 20 years old he has 4595 minutes with Real Salt Lake. Glad also has 51 of his 53 appearances being starts. For a 20 year old kid in this league, that’s almost unheard of.

What to know

If there is just one thing about Glad you should know it’s that this kid is hungry. He’s been back playing since he went to January Camp with the senior MNT earlier this year and he’s working really hard to be as fast and strong as he can get. He’s hungry to get back on the field and help his team, with no injuries to hold him back like last season he’s ready to go.

What to expect in 2018

2018 is going to be a fun year to watch Glad play. I think he will just get better and better every season. He’s still young and will still make some mistakes but I think being able to go through an extended preseason will help his regular season play be even better than the incredible play he was already putting on the field last season. There’s really no reason to expect him to lose his starting spot, unless he suffers an injury, so you should be seeing a lot more of Glad this 2018 season.

What to hope for

This kid is a rising star, the sky really is the limit for him. Potentially, he may even get another USMNT call up at some point this season. You really can’t be sure what he’s going to do this season but it’s most likely going to contain some beautiful soccer and some “how is this kid only 20” moments.