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Utah Royals FC take a tour of new locker room

An impressive new part of Rio Tinto Stadium dedicated to the women’s team was unveiled.

Houston Dynamo v Real Salt Lake Photo by George Frey/Getty Images

It’s really tempting to just let these images speak for themselves.

This morning, Utah Royals FC owner Dell Loy Hansen took the players on a tour of the completed locker room facilities in Rio Tinto Stadium. In a live video on the team’s Instagram account, the looks on the players faces were incredible to watch as they turned the corner to see the space, which the camera waited for all the players to enter before following to show the viewing audience.

What was seen in that video, as well as the multiple photos shared by the team and the players on social media, was a statement of intent for this organization. Much has been said in the months since the team was announced about the support these players would get. It’s worth giving a special mention to the fact that a MLS team tore apart part of its stadium to create this for their women’s team. It’s not just a side closet, or a random space to get dressed in. It belongs to them, it’s designed specifically for them, and as Hansen said in the video, it’s made to feel like their home.

This is a big step forward in women’s soccer in America, and it shows how committed the Real Salt Lake ownership is to providing a world-class experience for any woman who chooses to wear the Royals FC kit. This was a great way to set these players up for the excitement of gathering at the academy facility in Herriman on Monday to begin preparing to make 2018 an incredible first season for this team. They’ve seen where the end result of all their hard work and preparation will lead them, and we’re all excited to join them on the journey.