2018 RSL Regular Season Stat Winners

Hey all,

We have one more week leading up to our most favorite time of the year (sorry, not sorry winter holidays)!

Let's predict the 2018 RSL regular season stat winners. I have added a link so you can participate via a survey, or feel free to put your answers in the comments section and I will manually input them.

The 2018 categories are:

1. Golden Boot Winner (winner is player with most goals, tie breaker is goals+assists, then least minutes played)

2. Assist Leader (winner is player with most assists, tie breaker is least minutes played)

3. Goalkeeper of the Year

4. Defender of the Year

5. Midfielder of the Year

6. Forward of the Year

7. Best Young Player (<24yo @ beginning of 2018)

8. Highest Passing Percentage Complete (>150 minutes)

9. Most Tackles (>150 minutes)

10. Most Yellow Cards

11. Most Red Cards

Have a fun time with your predictions!

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