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2018 Dossiers: Pablo Ruiz

The South American discovery looks to develop his career at Real Salt Lake.

Photo by Alex Grimm - FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images

Pablo Ruiz is an exciting new young gun that could be an excellent fit for the Mike Petke era of Real Salt Lake. Signing as a Discovery Player, Ruiz is a player that RSL see as a prospect who can potentially blossom, given the opportunity.

What to know

RSL bring him in with what has been a busy and productive off-season. The amount of talent and youth on the roster this year it’s easy to say that Ruiz will get a chance to show the RSL faithful.

Playing for Argentina at the U-17 level, Ruiz shows that he is at the top of his game for his age. San Luis in Chile’s first division saw enough talent in him to give him 10 senior team appearances last season. That’s not a large amount of quantity, but what it shows is a good indicator of his trajectory and that he is indeed on a path to be something spectacular.

What to expect in 2018

Pablo Ruiz is a central and left sided player attacking player. Look for him on the counter to be cutting in early from a wide point to pull defenders out of the box. If he gets the opponents to take the bait expect to a floating shot from distance, much like the Beckerman shots we love so much.

He and Rusnak could make a great pairing as they both have similar attacking styles, but from different angles. If they can run at a back line together defenders will have a hard time committing to where they need to position and what defensive shape to take.

What to hope for

Progress will be key for Pablo Ruiz. He might not get a lot of first team minutes in 2018, but that’s not why RSL has brought him in. They want to see development, and let’s hope that comes to fruition.