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2018 Dossiers: Luis Silva

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Luis Silva had a lot of success in 2017 playing out of his natural position.

MLS: Colorado Rapids at Real Salt Lake Chris Nicoll-USA TODAY Sports

Luis Silva proved that he fits in this system over the course of 2017. RSL now brought in a true striker in Alfredo Ortuño though, so he’s got some competition. What should you expect this season from Luis Silva?

What to know

Luis Silva was born in Mexico and moved to the Los Angeles area in his early years. He played at a variety of youth clubs and was drafted by Toronto FC, traded to D.C. United where he had arguably his best season as a professional, had a brief stint with RSL in 2015 before playing with the Tigres of Mexico and then being brought back to RSL in 2017. While he did not see much in the way of playing time with Tigres, they were one of the top sides in Mexico at the time and he competed with some of the best in the CONCACAF. His return to Salt Lake was during a transition year, but he really found his form in the second half of the season ending with seven goals and three assists (not counting his incredible goal against Manchester United.)

What to expect in 2018

Luis Silva is clearly having to prove that he is deserving of the starting role with the arrival of the Spaniard, Alfredo Ortuño, from the Spanish League 2nd division. Expect Silva’s strengths to be that he links up well with the other forwards and uses his creative ability to his advantage even though he is more of a natural midfielder. Whether he ends up starting or coming on as a sub, expect him to see plenty of time. When he’s linking up with the likes of Rusnak, Savarino, and Plata, it’s pretty fun to watch.

What to hope for

The ideal scenario for Silva is to play that false nine role in which he isn’t necessarily called upon to score a lot of goals, rather, be a creative force up front that bends defenses and pus them on their heals. If Silva can match his stat line from 2017, we’ll be in great shape.