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RSL SHOW (89) - Stroke Josh’s ego

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We beat the Galaxy! We played a sort-of-somewhat-kinda meaningful game! 

We beat the Galaxy!

We played a sort-of-somewhat-kinda meaningful game!

The match against the Galaxy was a welcome reminder that the season is not far off. A lot to talk about in this one but it was a little weird with some of the line up choices that we weren’t expecting. Mike did a good job of explaining why we lined up how we did to start things off and was complimentary of the effort the team put in. Let’s just say that it was a bit bumpy but we’ll take the win and the learnings and move on. Things should settle in a little bit more in the weeks to come.

The U17s won a game on Saturday at the academy as well and we went on a little tour of the ZBRA. It was neat. The facility is amazing and it will only make things better in RSL world.