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Player Ratings: RSL 1-1 Earthquakes

The annual Tuscon trip comes to an end with a 1-1 draw

MLS: LA Galaxy vs. Real Salt Lake Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

Real Salt Lake closed out their 2018 Tucson trip yesterday with a 1-1 draw against fellow Western Conference team the San Jose Earthquakes. Although the game wasn’t necessarily the most explosive, it still felt good to see some guys running around in claret and cobalt, or, to be technical, grey training tops. You know what an RSL game means though, player ratings. Today we have the top 5 players from each half, since it is preseason and Mike Petke likes to play as many people as he can.

First half

Albert Rusnak: Watching Albert play is like poetry. It’s something beautiful and complicated yet you can see even the smallest amounts of it and be awed. In just 45 minutes of play today we got to see some great service into the box and glimpses of what incredible play this season is going to hold.

Sebastian (Bofo) Saucedo: Bofo gets a lot of slack for not necessarily putting in as much effort as he is capable of, however when he does it’s really fun to watch. He made some great tackles during the game and was doing good work with the ball at his feet. Great stuff from him.

Justen Glad: This really shouldn’t be a surprise honestly. At just 20 years old Glad is consistently proving he deserves the starting spot on this team and maybe even a starting spot with the USMNT. Just solid play all around, from tactical fouls to impeccable positioning, you’d think this kid was 30 with how he plays, and this game was no different.

Luke Mulholland: Luke really impressed me today. He was being very aggressive and trying to prove himself to Petke. Mulholland was doing well at connecting his passes, pressing forward, but also getting back and helping to defend when needed.

Kyle Beckerman: One of these games maybe Kyle won’t have a good game, but I’m not going to hold my breath. He plays with so much desire to do well, I don’t think anyone’s capable of stopping him. Once again a solid job from our captain.

Second half

Alfredo Ortuño: The goalscorer. Man what a pretty goal that was. Sure, it didn’t go upper-90, and no, the keeper didn’t have to outstretch just to miss the save, but it was placed with accuracy and the curl on that thing was something crazy. In addition to the goal, he had plenty of other chances in the final third; all-in-all, pretty impressed with what he’s brought to the team so far.

Ricky Lopez-Espin: Ah yes, the rookie. Yes he got an assist today but that’s not the only reason why he’s here. He’s here because he is working incredibly hard to prove himself to the coaching staff and earn himself a spot. He had some great opportunities today to do just that and for a rookie, he’s doing pretty well.

Corey Baird: Another new guy on the team who’s working incredibly hard. Baird is putting in so much work in the midfield and was consistently winning RSL possession back. He has a lot of speed behind him and was really proving what he is capable of bringing to this team today.

Jose Hernandez: It may be a hot take but I think this is going to be a good year as far as play goes for Jose Hernandez. In these two preseason games he has been incredibly aggressive and fighting to make plays and win, once again doing so in the game.

David Horst: Something just stood out to me in the San Jose game about David. His positioning was great, he made a few key saves and tackles and just all in all had a really solid game. I think he’ll be great to have around should someone be injured later in the season.