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Royals FC Show (2) - Roster Breakdown

For all the new “rabid royals fans”

Thanks for checking out the second, and first full episode of the Royals FC Show. The time is finally here and we are only slightly over 24 hours away from the NWSL debut of the Utah Royals, so consider us your pre-game guide.

In this one Ryan, Cindy and Wirtjo crack some jokes along the way while breaking down everything you need to know about the roster heading into Saturday’s inaugural game against a tough Orlando Pride team featuring super stars such as Alex Morgan and Marta. That said, we’re not your typical expansion team.

The group will also discuss a projected starting XI. While even they have their best guesses about whom will start, everything is still so new it’s impossible to know exactly what Laura Harvey and the girls will run out of the gates with. The hosts will also discuss who is in and who is out and what’s different from pre-season. Lastly, they will close out the pod with a discussion about ways to watch the game including the free app Go90 where you can watch every NWSL game (minus the ones on lifetime) for free on your smartphone - even if you don’t have Verizon. You can also chromecast it to the big screen.