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Royals FC Show (3)

Albert Rusnak and Gunny Jonsdottir would be the greatest power couple ever. Period.

Well, this was an interesting one, and not because Ryan took the lead this time.

In this one, we sing happy birthday twice in two different languages. We jump our discussion around this past weekend’s NWSL matchups, including a recap of Utah Royals vs. Orlando Pride (We are still convinced Royals were robbed of the victory); how Albert Rusnak and Gunny could be a power couple (Well, one of us made that assessment); discuss how Gunny is amazing; rant about that terrible PK/yellow card ref call (ya know “that one”); we answer a bunch of questions; preview the upcoming Houston/URFC game; encourage listeners to fill the RioT for the home opener on April 14, and Cindy hits a button.

It’s Episode 3 of the Royals FC show!

We also have an email if you want to get in touch with us for any questions and/or feedback:

We’d love to hear from you about anything relating to the Royals or about the show in general.

Also, is there a particular player you want us to interview? We are hoping to make it possible because that would be pretty cool!

Thanks for listening!

-Ryan, Cindy, & Wirtjo