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RSL SHOW (98) - TFC Preview

It’s a bit of a ramble.

We’re back!

After a weekend off we are back to talk about the news of the day and TFC on the weekend. Lots to talk about having taken a week off so this one is a bit ramble-y. Spencer Warne joined us, which we’re still not sure if that helped with the rambling or not, and we’re always glad to have him.


Yura is This one is still a little confusing and we mostly brush past it and rant about how much Jake hates him now, again. We said we’d not talk about that anymore but no matter what we do this just keeps coming up.

VAR rears it’s ugly head again, or at leas the lack thereof does, as we talk about the Royals match and the clear and blatant disregard for sanity around the penalty call that drew Orlando level.

TFC on Friday and there’s a lot that could happen here. It was almost too much to talk about so we...ramble on a bit. Will TFC start their best 11 with a CCL match on Tuesday of next week? They haven’t really been rotating thus far and it’s cost them in league play. Will we be able to put in a solid performance 1-11? The wings need to get involved and we need to stop bypassing Rusnak and whoever is in the 9.

Like I said, it’s a bit of a ramble.