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RSL vs Toronto FC: What we learned

Where’s the team energy?

MLS: Real Salt Lake at Toronto FC Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports


So I’m going to just say it: TFC are a better team than us; than anyone in the league, really. I kind of hoped we could do to them what we did to RBNY and catch them with their attention on their CONCACAF Champion’s League matches. Maybe grind out a draw. Alas.

So, I wish you well in CCL, TFC. No hard feelings, I guess. I can act like a mature adult. I don’t hold grudges.

Except for Allen Chapman. I’ll hold a grudge against Alan Chapman. What was the stat Petke and Dunny threw out? Ten PKs against RSL over thirteen matches. Yowzer. Whether they were fair or not, those stats are massively skewed against RSL. He’s actually a good official, unless it’s an RSL match. Oh well.


TFC had a massive amount of energy and simply outpaced us on the field. As I watched, it felt like TFC had two more players out there than we did. They attacked as a team. They defended as a team. It felt like we were outnumbered.

Corey Baird, though. Kid’s making the most of every chance thrown his way. If only every player on this team would do the same.


So, um, Petke wasn’t happy: “I know what the problem is.... This is going to be fixed. One way or the other.”

RSL needs some fire. Burn it down, coach. Expect changes. Expect some unhappy players. Expect things to improve.

I do have questions about Ortuño, though. Why was he a big signing if we’re barely going to play him? I get he’s not ninety minutes fit, but time on the pitch is exactly what he needs. I don’t have all the answers here, though.

How about a three-in-the-back formation? I’d love to see it. Overlap those wings, runs into the box from outside, a target guy for some sweet crosses, midfield dominance, strong transitions. Maybe? It works in FIFA (hey, Football Manager folks; does it work there, too?).


Please, everyone, let’s not overreact and sacrifice animals or burn things. Be kind to animals. They’re so cute. Except giraffes. I hate those things.

Sad? Considering moving to Antarctica or a journey to Tibet? Well just calm down. Here’s a picture of my kitty to help you feel better. His name is Balrog and he has trouble crossing bridges.