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RSL SHOW (100) - If Zlatan is a Lion, what is Andy Williams?

100 episodes in and we’re just getting started. VWFC review, Andy Williams, and NYCFC preview.

100 episodes in. Thanks for coming along for the ride.

In this episode we talk about the VWFC match and what we still think needs work if we’re going to continue to get results. It’s an interesting feeling talking about a game that we won, but we didn’t love the way that we did it. Don’t get us wrong, we’ll take the 3 points — we just miss the attractive attacking soccer we have played in the past a little bit. Big question there, how do we get the midfield sorted out and more involved in the build up?

Andy Williams stopped by to give us his thoughts on how the bigger ticket signings from this year are coming along. Where does he think Demar best fits? How long will it take Alfredo to come along and make an impact? He’s always great to have on and we’re happy to have had him.

We talk a little bit about NYCFC with Bomma, but not a ton.